Zagrebačka banka’s cooperation with social enterprises Hedona and Humana Nova

Unlocking our bank’s potential is only successful if we can unlock the potential of those in our communities. In addition to meeting the quota for employment obligation, the legislator in Croatia proposed an alternative possibility of meeting the employment quota in 2022.
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Zagrebačka banka contracted an agreement with social enterprises Hedona and Humana nova, which employs over 50% of people in their workforce who qualify as persons with disabilities, as well as other individuals from various vulnerable groups.

Zagrebacka bank's cooperation with social enterprises Hedona and Humana Nova

In partnership with the People & Culture and Procurement teams, colleagues from Zaba Social Impact Banking, have realised the incredible benefits of working with Hedona and Humana. Zagrebačka banka is directly helping these individuals by procurement of their goods and services, further strengthening Zaba’s Social Impact Banking efforts to the fullest extent. For example, the bank uses handmade chocolate and pralines by Hedona for initiative such as gifts for clients, employees, or gifts for special internal events.

Humana Nova also made limited edition cooking aprons made from recycled materials for Zaba’s internal initiative “Be good, eat healthy’’.

Today, the bank has 30 employees, of which 15 are persons with disabilities who work in different parts of the business. Through this kind of business relationship, the Bank directly encourages and empowers the employment of people with disabilities, and ensures their job security through meaningful experiences.

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