Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Orcel

Dear Stakeholders,

When we look back on UniCredit’s journey, 2022 will be seen as a pivotal year. It was the year that we executed on the fundamental aspects of UniCredit Unlocked that have strengthened our bank further. It was the year we laid the foundations for future successes. And it was the year we transformed our bank.

The UniCredit of today is a different organisation from a year ago. This is not because of a change in any of our bank’s fundamentals; it is because of the growth and value we have driven and created from within. The assets that gave us our innate strength and potential a year ago remain today: UniCredit continues to have an extensive talent pool, fantastic clients and a pan-European reach. But we are a different bank.

We are different because of what we have done with those ingredients. UniCredit Unlocked has changed the way we are utilising our bank’s fundamental assets. Through 2022, we transformed our operating model, to one which empowers our people and gives our clients what they are asking for. One which unleashes the very best of what our bank has to offer, and one which focuses on growth rather than retrenchment.

Critically, in 2022 UniCredit Unlocked changed our organisation’s culture and our mindset. We are now a forward-looking bank, one that is ambitious about the future and achieving sustainable growth. We are winning.

This mindset change is what is driving our ability to serve clients, deliver success for all our stakeholders, and become the bank for Europe’s future. We have much more to do before we achieve that ultimate ambition, but we are now a bank that is operationally capable of delivering on such a bold ambition.

As the last year has shown more than ever, the world in which we live is a complicated and rapidly evolving one. The only thing that can be certain is uncertainty itself. As always, but especially in such an environment, we must return, unfailingly, to our principles and values.


I am determined that UniCredit is an institution which lives by the principles we have set for ourselves, as we have done throughout 2022. We have confronted challenges head-on and because of the proactive steps we have taken, we are primed to seize all opportunities as they arise.


This has led to some difficult decisions, but they are decisions guided by integrity and which we would return to again and again.

We are setting a new benchmark for the banking industry, with a focus on long-term value creation, sustainability, resilience and inclusion.


Strong foundations

At the start of the year, our ambition was deemed too steep by many. Our plan was too difficult. Yet despite all the challenges 2022 provided, it will be remembered as a year we beat all our targets - with a generous margin.

We have moved quickly, outperforming our plan and executing on our industrial transformation in record time, with a team that are motivated by a shared ambition and passion.

We have strengthened our two best-in-class product factories, which can be leveraged by each of our 13 banks. This is a proven model that is difficult for our competitors to replicate.

We have begun to optimise and update our legacy infrastructure, so that we can build a fully digital and data driven organisation which is fit for the future.

We have delivered on our ESG objectives, and remain steadfast in our commitment to reach 150bn new ESG volumes by 2024, 10bn of which will be social finance, and our plan to reach net zero on financed emissions by 2050 and on our own emissions by 2030. Our ESG commitments are a critical aspect of our ability to set a new benchmark for banking and become a bank for the future, and we are determined to do even more and go further in coming years.

All our actions on industrial transformation are directly connected to our financial performance and financial KPIs through which we manage the three levers of cost, net revenue and capital. Today we are a bank that grows profitably and sustainably, is efficient, generates outsized capital organically, and has a robust balance sheet and capital. We are achieving the best results in UniCredit’s history. In Q4, we announced FY22 net profitof 5.2bn and we are now in our eighth quarter of year-over-year growth.



NET REVENUE: +13% FY22/FY21 (Gross revenue up +14%). HIGH-QUALITY NET REVENUE GROWTH

CAPITAL: +279bps FY22 Organic Capital Generation (€8.9bn).BEST-IN-CLASS CAPITAL EFFICIENCY

In comparison to our peers, we have top tier top-line growth, operating efficiency, and unrivalled organic capital generation. We have one of the highest CET1 ratios, one of the highest quality credit portfolio and coverage, and the highest forward-looking precautionary overlays.


2. Peers and UniCredit stated figures based on publicly available data
Selected peers: BBVA, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, Credit Agricole S.A., Deutsche Bank, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, Santander, Société Générale.


The graph shows a ranking between UniCredit and main peers (refer to footnote n.2) based on publicly available figures.

During 2022

  • Went from 5th to 2nd place for Gross Revenue
  • Went from 4th to 3rd place for Cost/Income
  • Went from 7th to 3rd place for NOP/RWA
  • Was confirmed at 1st place for Organic Capital Generation

Our results throughout the year are evidence of industrial transformation and execution of strategy across all levers which gives us the ability to withstand shocks and to deliver sustainable and attractive shareholder distributions. Our results, and their quality, allow us to propose a total 2022 shareholder distribution of 5.25 billion euros, up 40% year on year, pending shareholder and supervisory approvals.

At the same time, we are delivering exceptional per-share value creation. Our net profit growth has been enhanced by share buy-backs, nearly doubling EPS versus our historical run-rate, with DPS five times higher, and tangible book value per share up nearly a quarter.


strategy 3


Group figures including Russia:

3. Net Profit with UniCredit Unlocked methodology (means the stated net profit adjusted for AT1 and CASHES coupons and impacts from DTAs tax loss carry forward contribution; for 2021 also adjusted for non-operating items; FY17-2019 Group excluding Turkey and Fineco Bank for comparison purposes).
4. EPS is calculated using Net Profit as per the definition above, divided by the average diluted shares (defined as above) in the period.
5. FY22 distribution subject to supervisory and shareholder approvals.
6. FY22 DPS best estimate, please refer to the FY22 results press release for additional details.

Figures Group including Russia

Boosting EPS

Avg. FY17-19 value: 1.27
FY21 value: 1.58
FY22 value: 2.50
FY22 VS. FY17-19: +97%

2. Net Profit with UniCredit Unlocked methodology (means the stated net profit adjusted for AT1 and CASHES coupons and impacts from DTAs tax loss carry forward contribution; for 2021 also adjusted for non-operating items); FY17-2019 Group excluding Turkey and Fineco for comparison purposes.
3. EPS is calculated using Net Profit as per the definition above, divided by the average diluted shares (defined as above) in the period

Exceptional shareholder value creation

>50% of market capitalisation4 distributed back to shareholders since beginning of 2021

Avg. FY17-19 value:0.20
FY21 value: 0.54
FY22 value: 0.99
FY22 VS. FY17-19: c.5x

Avg. FY17-19 value: 22.81
FY21 value: 24.12
FY22 value: 28.36
FY22 VS. FY17-19: +24%

4. FY22 distribution subject to supervisory and shareholder approvals
5. FY22 DPS best estimate, please refer to the FY22 results press release for additional details.

Face the future

It is difficult to predict what is to come in 2023, but the progress we have made this year gives me confidence in our ability not just to face the future, but to capture the opportunities that this environment will present. We have achieved a great deal, but there is so much more value still within our bank that needs to be released. In 2022 we transformed our bank, but I am confident that was just the beginning, and we will go on to achieve much more.

There is no doubt that great challenges lie ahead, for organisations individually, but also for Europe as a whole. If we are to unleash the full potential of Europe as an economic bloc, we must come together more fully than we have done to date. The benefits of greater integration will be exponential and enable us to compete on the world stage – in a way that we are not at the moment.

For us at UniCredit, when we face the challenges ahead, we will return to two things.

The first is our strong foundations, now liberated to thrive and release their potential, as well as the innate strength that comes with being a pan-European bank. Our presence and reach across the continent enables us to leverage the benefits that come with scale. We have seen throughout 2022 how our offering to clients is maximised exponentially when shared across our 13 banks.

The second is our desire to set a new blueprint for banking, one which is guided by principles and values, and determined to create success for all stakeholders for the long-term. This is what we will return to, time and again, when we are carving our path through a challenging time. I firmly believe that if we adhere to these, we will succeed. And more than that, we will win: for our clients, our communities, and our investors.

This is the bank that UniCredit is becoming: a better bank. In 2022, we took incredible steps towards that goal, and I know that much more is to come in 2023.

I extend my sincere thanks to you all for your support on this journey. I am grateful to the Board, our investors, the UniCredit team, as well as our clients and those communities that we serve for staying with us and supporting us as we move into the next phase of our growth, building on what we achieved in 2022.

It is the team’s commitment that has enabled us to deliver what is not only an incredible organisational transformation, but a better way of operating as an industry for the whole of Europe.

2022 was the year we laid the foundations for this success, and I have no doubt 2023 will be the year we capitalise on them.

Thank you,

Andrea Orcel
Chief Executive Officer UniCredit S.p.A.




1.Net Profit with UniCredit Unlocked methodology (means the stated net profit adjusted for AT1 and CASHES coupons and impacts from DTAs tax loss carry forward contribution)