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In 2022, UniCredit Bulbank announced a partnership with interior design company Pachkov Ltd. in an effort to further promote and embed sustainability in everything we do – starting with zero-waste initiatives. The key focus of the company is interior design, namely the production of furniture. Pachkov has long history in the furniture production and interior design business, being on the market for over 18 successful years.

As a company, Pachkov is a firm believer in sustainability. Given the scope of their work, they understand how essential it is for them to ensure they are embedding waste reduction efforts in the way they conduct business. Their mission is to use the best quality materials and complement that with craftsmanship. An innovative idea of the company is to recycle coffee capsules by placing collection containers capsules in front of some of the biggest retailers in Bulgaria.

In 2020, UniCredit Bulbank signed a 12+12+12- month revolving limit (BGN 250,000) in support of this thoughtful and earth-friendly initiative. And there’s a science behind all of this. The coffee from recycled capsules will be used for fertilisation and compost soil for growing mushrooms. From there, the plastic is then processed into granules to then be used in production of furniture boards for their business – all while maintaining the quality of work the brand is known for. The capacity of the capsule processing machine is 5 million annually. By embedding sustainability in their everyday practices, our bank can empower companies like Pachkov to do their work well, all while diminishing their carbon footprint one furniture piece at a time.

A conversation with...

Atanas Pachkov, Manager and Partner, Pachkov and Veska Pachkova, Manager and Partner, Pachkov

Atanas Pachkov, Manager and Partner, Pachkov

Atanas Pachkov,
Manager and Partner, Pachkov

What did the collaboration with UniCredit mean for your company? 

Friendship built on trust. "Pachkov" was established in 2003. We have been on the market for 18 years, and we hope that we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner. That is what we were looking for our partnership with UniCredit too. We share a set of Values that determine the effectiveness and development of our company. These Values guide our every action and form the overall framework for how we interact with our partners and suppliers, how we serve our customers and the environment in which we operate.

Why was this important for Pachkov’s plans and commitments?

Our partnership with UniCredit Bulbank was important, and we took this as an opportunity to achieve our set targets. We have many interesting and bold projects that I believe we will create in the years to come. We work extremely hard in our foreign markets, so we believe that in five years they will hold the main share of our production. We want to create a company and products that will glorify our country and all around the world.

Can you tell us about the partnership with UniCredit Bulbank and what you value in the support/cooperation from the Bank?

As mentioned above, we are more than partners – we are friends, and thanks to UniCredit Bulbank and their representative Alexandra Krasteva, and her manager, Pachkov LTD has developed a successful business in Bulgaria. We know that representatives from UniCredit Bulbank will support us in any new initiative. Even if it involves a high level of risk, they will always give us a professional advice. They believed in us when others denied us the opportunity – and we are grateful for it.

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