A dedicated credit line for vulnerable groups

Going beyond our duty as a financial institution only means we have a commitment to providing tools and resources to those who need it most.
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In 2022, UniCredit Bank in Serbia and The European Investment Bank (EIB) launched a dedicated credit line totaling €30 million, aimed at supporting the employment, professional training, and long-term retention of people from vulnerable social groups.

These funds have enabled UniCredit to on-lend to Serbian companies that are committed to improving the social impact of their businesses and creating long-term leadership and employment opportunities for women, youths and segments of the population that face higher entry barriers in the labour market. As a bank, it is essential that we look to supporting companies who empower their people, in-line with our bank’s commitment to empowering our communities.

In addition to funding, Serbian companies will receive a performance-based financial reward if they meet specific targets. This is with the aim to foster leadership, employment and professional development opportunities for women, youths and groups who currently tackle these barriers head-on in the current market, such as people with disabilities, refugees and more. The financial reward is provided as a grant under the EIB’s Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI), aimed at boosting job creation and sustainable private sector growth. This was the first EIB private sector loan in the Western Balkans under ERI, which contributed to the most important goals of promoting sustainable development.

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