Our bank and its people are motivated by the strong relationships we build with our people, our clients, and all our stakeholders.
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Bank@Work is a business initiative in Czech Republic and Slovakia focused on client acquisition an agreement between the retail and corporate teams in the bank. The initiative was based on a special offer of retail products for individuals who are employees of our corporate customers.

When our bank identifies new customers and clients to do business with, it is essential that we offer them a full-scale, first-class service from a holistic point of view. This also means offering their employees, the people who keep the business running and maintain its success, the same support and resources our bank has to offer. Employees of our clients are able to access a special UniCredit offer available to clients only, which also adds a special and exclusive perk to working for our clients’ companies by providing this additional employee benefit.

In 2022, through the Bank@Work programme, we managed to acquire more than 15,000 new clients to our retail franchise from our clients’ businesses alone. As a next step, there is a strong focus on product cross-sell, ensuring client retention and revenue growth. Maintaining these relationships with our clients is a strong driver in ensuring we can extend the UniCredit offering across all facets of our business, our clients’ business, and beyond.

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