GoGreen Leasing solution

Romania plans to significantly reduce its traffic emissions by 2025 with the goal of having no more than 250,000 vehicles older than 15 years on its streets.
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According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, in 2021, Romania already saw an increase in electric cars of over 120% compared to 2020, which is above the European Union average. To further support this ambition, UniCredit launched the GoGreen initiative in 2022.

GoGreen Leasing solution

GoGreen is a new financing solution for the purchase of 100% electric or hybrid vehicles through leasing. It offers tailored benefits in terms of leasing structure and pricing, with an advance payment of only 5% of the purchase value and a variable interest rate composed of Euribor for three months plus a promotional margin starting from 2.99%. In this way, GoGreen helps make the purchase of an emissions-free or low-emissions car more affordable.

Through GoGreen, our Leasing team in Romania contributes to the efforts to renew the national car fleet while encouraging the purchase and use of vehicles with low environmental impact. The GoGreen financing period can vary from one to five years, and the residual value is 1%. In addition, customers can benefit, under the conditions provided by current local legislation, from the advantages available through the RABLA 2022 Programs. Furthermore, they are empowered to do their part in helping to protect our environment and decrease their carbon footprint, one car ride at a time.

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