Culture Roadshow

Our Culture Manifesto in action

"Shaping our Culture" - Nikolina Zečić, Head of Group Culture
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Our Culture starts and ends with our people. It is what differentiates a good company, from a great company – a bank that supports its communities, from a bank that empowers its communities.

When we officially launched our Values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring in June 2022, we made the decision to return to our fundamental role within society: to act as the engine of social progress and to help Europe and its people to become stronger than ever.

To achieve this, we understood that it was our responsibility to act as one team working to a shared Culture. With this in mind, we launched a dedicated Culture Roadshow, representing a key moment dedicated to building employee awareness and setting the tone for the new UniCredit Culture across all our countries.

Driven by Andrea Orcel, Group Chief Executive Officer and Head of Italy, Siobhan McDonagh, Head of Group People and Culture, and Nikolina Zečić, Head of Group Culture, the Culture Roadshow gathered more than 2,000 colleagues across Croatia, Germany, and Austria, engaging in different interactive sessions joined by several senior leaders in Germany, Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

The sessions opened with meaningful panel discussions aimed at deepening the understanding of how UniCredit puts our Values into action both inside and outside our bank. Most importantly, we discussed how each of our colleagues must embed these behaviours in everything we do. The events sparked fruitful discussions where participants exchanged real-life examples and stories from local testimonials. On some occasions, our corporate clients joined the Roadshow events to share cultural experiences with both UniCredit and within their own companies.

The Culture Roadshow demonstrated the great enthusiasm and passion of our people to pursue the transformation journey our bank has embarked on. While cultural change does not happen overnight, we remain committed to driving this change together and continuing the Culture Roadshow across all our markets as we move further into 2023 and beyond.


A strong Culture ensures a competitive advantage and is very difficult to copy. It delivers better financial performance, influences the customer experience, attracts and retains better talent, and increases productivity.

Nikolina Zečić
Head of Group Culture