IOANA - The digital guide for UniCredit Romania

UniCredit puts "living digital" at the forefront when it comes to creating a best-in-class experiences for our clients.
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Digital & Data

Ioana, the vocal guide introduced as part of the digital transformation strategy, was launched to interact with all private individual customers of UniCredit Bank and UniCredit Consumer Financing. Ioana enables human-like interactions in Contact Center IVR using Natural Language Understanding capabilities in Romanian, allowing individuals to self- serve and successfully resolve issues, while benefiting from a shorter time to answer and improved customer experience. Further, it runs reactive and proactive initiatives for customers’ activation and digital acquisition while delivering administrative and commercial outbound campaigns (extending our reach).

Through Ioana, we deliver an intuitive service experience that anticipates the caller’s needs and allows them to interact with the system naturally, and in their own words, through simple voice indications. In terms of the benefits to the Bank, we achieved internal efficiency in our remote servicing model by delivering services with zero waiting time for the clients, addressing increased demands at constant headcount, using efficiencies to cross-sell, and more.

Leveraging on Mediatel Data Contact Center software and Nuance enhanced capabilities, Ioana’s role and contribution continues to evolve as we add new skills in accordance with the business strategy. The last one was launched in November 2022 and since then, the vocal guide is performing in IVR full caller identification, guiding the customer to log into Mobile Banking before transferring the call to a Contact Center Agent. Through Ioana, we can merge both the best of digital and human interaction, complementing one another to result in a streamlined approach to modern-day banking.

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