Our commitment to individuals and SMEs

UniCredit per l’Italia

UniCredit per l'Italia

Our bank takes its commitment to empowering our communities seriously – as we live this commitment through tangible actions impacting the communities which we serve.

UniCredit sought to help Italy tackle the current macroeconomic crisis with €5 billion of funds to support companies, the suspension of instalment payments on loans to businesses and households and a postponement of charges for private clients worth a total of around €3 billion. The staggering increase in energy and raw material costs, and in the general level of prices of goods and services, has had negative consequences on the balance sheets of Italian companies and households.

In order to alleviate the impact on local communities and continue supporting the country’s growth, our Bank set up the “UniCredit per l’Italia” plan, including €5 billion to support the liquidity needs of businesses in the face of rising energy costs, through the dedicated CreditPiù facility, with maturities from 3 to 36 months and a grace period of up to 6 months.


As a bank, we have never failed to provide support to our Country during the most difficult of times. Given our social Purpose and commitment to our clients, we want to continue to concretely help families, communities and businesses to mitigate the financial impact of the current crisis, while also ensuring the liquidity needed to deal with the complexities of this economic situation.

Andrea Orcel
Group Chief Executive Officer and Head of Italy


It also included an instalment plan that offered the option to postpone payments for individual purchases or the expenditure for an entire month made using Carta Flexia. In addition, we launched a dedicated 12-month business mortgage moratorium – upon evaluation of the bank – for companies who have not already benefited from government guarantees.

Our commitment to individuals and SMEs

Lastly, we implemented a flexibility module of mortgages for families and individuals, which our Bank offered more than 400,000 Italian household clients who hold a mortgage, the opportunity to suspend the principal payment of the mortgage for 12 months, to reduce the monthly instalments by reviewing the repayment plan or to postpone the payment up to 3 instalments.

We estimated that the instalment, moratorium and flexibility measures for clients will have a total value of €3 billion. All Italian colleagues already benefit from the instalment plan for Flexia credit card holders, and now, they enjoy favourable conditions when they ask for a mortgage.

Providing our communities with increased flexibility, especially in times of struggle and need, is what our bank does best – and keeping our clients and their needs at the forefront is how we can continue to be their trusted partner.


UniCredit has always been close to the needs of our local communities, and it is important that we play our part in helping during this difficult time, characterised by a loss of household purchasing power and a risk of shrinking business investment.

Remo Taricani
Deputy Head of Italy