Optimising our digital portfolio through leading data analysis technology

Germany launches the OneWealth platform


Embedding digital in the way we do business is essential if we want to build our competitive bank for tomorrow. With the launch of OneWealth in the beginning of 2022, we offered our Wealth Management & Private Banking clients holistic portfolio advice using a portfolio and risk analysis tool. Together with their advisor, our clients can build a portfolio that is tailored to their needs, while our portfolio and risk analysis enables them to understand exactly which interrelationships and decisions affect their overall investment and how.

Optimising our digital portfolio through leading data analysis technology

With OneWealth, consultants no longer only look at individual components of a portfolio but analyse it as a whole. More than 3,000 daily updated risk factors and a variety of market scenarios are considered – this way, clients can identify when and why there is a need for action and anticipate future market developments in their investment decisions.

With just a few clicks, advisors can create investment proposals and tailor the investment strategy precisely to the needs and risk range of clients. Contract creation and client communications are carried out on a consistently digital basis. Printouts are just as unnecessary as the cumbersome switching between different banking systems. The workflows are thus greatly simplified, leaving more time for the exchange with the clients.

This has revealed additional potential of our clients’ assets and has given them more choice and flexibility for their investments – as well as a whole new view into the potential future of their assets. Together with their advisor, our clients can determine how they can fully exploit their risk variant and the performance strength of their assets as well as how they can further diversify and develop their portfolio. They can do this through understanding the future scenarios and opportunities of their selected assets, which the new tool supports.

Like our people, our clients are experiencing first-hand what it truly means to “live digital”. OneWealth made an important contribution to achieving the strategic goals of simplification and client centricity. In this way, OneWealth is helping UniCredit HypoVereinsbank achieve its ambitious growth plans in the German wealth management and private banking market.