Next-generation Wi-Fi for all

Network efficiency across all our premises

Digital & Data

Keeping our people connected to the business and to one another, is a key driver of our success. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is essential for our Bank’s efficiency. It allows us to access Group IT resources, carry out our activities, collaborate with colleagues and clients more effectively, and develop stronger relationships.

We began taking back control of our largely outsourced technology and continued building the core capability internally. Kicking-off the first milestone of the strategic skills internalisation, we started by upgrading our Wi-Fi in our Milan offices, managed entirely by our in-house experts.


To simplify our colleagues’ daily work and enhance their service, we worked diligently to install more powerful and efficient Wi-Fi networks on our premises. As part of the project, in the last quarter of the year, we successfully delivered a new generation Wi-Fi network to our UniCredit offices in Milan and continued the implementation throughout Italy at our bank’s Lampugnano offices.

The infrastructure consists of over 500 Wireless Access Points, significantly improving the bandwidth availability and speed for the connected users. Furthermore, we used a modern monitoring system leveraging Artificial Intelligence for a complete view of real-time performances and predictive issues monitoring.

We obtained excellent results in terms of the quality of the service, speed, and latency. In fact, in terms of performance, we measured a significant improvement in download and upload figures, and a significant decrease in the system latency, the primary indicator of connection responsiveness.

As a first initiative entirely managed by our teams, the results were remarkable – completing the rollout in our Milan headquarters one month before the estimated date. In economic terms, we expect a drop of approximately 50% compared to the initial cost estimation on the 3-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We will relentlessly continue to work on improving the Digital experience for our colleagues and our clients.