A new training offering for all our people

The official launch of UniCredit University

a new training offering

The growth and progression of our colleagues is a fundamental driver of our bank’s success – and it is essential that we continue to do our part in reconnecting our people’s skills with the strategic objectives of the business.

A new training offering for all our people

The first step in empowering our communities begins with our people. Empowering our people by providing them with the tools they need to succeed is how we can ultimately deliver on our Purpose. And this begins with their professional development. With this goal in mind, our Group was proud to introduce UniCredit University, a project aimed at further enhancing our global training offering. By applying the industry’s best methods and techniques, we have harnessed our collective knowledge and know-how to maintain our competitive advantage.

The kick-off of the initiative was officially launched in Turin; Italy served as the pilot for the programme and the first step in achieving our ambition to extend UniCredit University to all employees across the Group. The programme provided first-hand access to specialised training across all business functions. The new training delivery model included the return of face-to-face training and hybrid paths, accompanied by virtual classrooms

UniCredit University has allowed for a tailor-made approach to learning and professional development, delivering a fully-immersive employee experience focused on the upskilling and reskilling of role-based competencies – ultimately allowing our colleagues to unlock and embrace their fullest potential. Since the launch, several areas of our business have adopted the platform and tailored its offering to their people and their needs so that they can continue to enhance their business acumen and become subject matter experts in their field of work.

To build the bank for tomorrow, we must invest in our people today. This was an incredible milestone in our Group transformation journey. The introduction of UniCredit University has allowed us to deliver value for our clients, for one another, and execute on our goals.


Through UniCredit University, we are continuing to invest in our people by further enhancing our educational offerings through a personalised approach to learning and professional development, applying the best methodologies and leveraging our collective know-how so we can continue to empower both our people, and our communities, to progress.

Andrea Orcel
Group Chief Executive Officer and Head of Italy