Introducing our new Code of Conduct

2022 Code of Conduct


Our bank has an ambition that goes beyond the basic role of providing financial support to our society. As we continued forward on our Group transformation journey, we were pleased to announce the official launch of our new Code of Conduct which was introduced and adopted across our bank. Our Code is a critical tool that contributes to the collective success of our business. It serves as a clear guide for all our actions and behaviours and each of us has been and will continue to be held accountable based on our adherence to this Code.

To act as the engine of social progress and be the bank for Europe’s future, we are committed to building a Culture that puts our Values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring at the heart of our decision-making and everything we do. They embody what we stand for, determine how we act, and shape the decisions that we make every day.

Our Code of Conduct outlines how we bring our Culture to life in our everyday behaviours and how we treat all our stakeholders. Furthermore, it ensures our people’s coherence with our new set of Values – guaranteeing the highest standard of professional conduct from all of our employees and external experts involved in any activity on behalf of our bank. It is what will set us apart from simply being a good company, instead positioning us as a great company.

Since the launch in July 2022, we embraced our new Code of Conduct and have actively encouraged all our people to adopt and apply these best practice behaviours – making it our mission to further cement it in the way we do business. By doing so, we have been able to ensure we stay on the path we are forging: a path to achieve our goals and Win. The Right Way. Together.

A conversation with...

Serenella De Candia, Group Compliance Officer  

To you, what did the launch of the new Code of Conduct mean for UniCredit?


Serenella De Candia
Group Compliance Officer  

The launch of the new Code of Conduct was strategically important for UniCredit. Following the introduction of our new Culture and Values, the Code of Conduct supports all our colleagues in shaping our behaviours – how we serve our clients, how we deliver as a team and to all our stakeholders – in the right way. It is crucial to ensure that each and every one of us acts in the proper way, in order to enable us to identify the potential risks to our Bank and the essential actions we should all keep in mind in order to manage them.

Why are you particularly proud to have worked on new Code of Conduct?

The Compliance team aims at strengthening its role as a key reliable partner to our business, enabling, and empowering it to make balanced decisions, to generate a sustainable competitive advantage and to unlock the full potential of UniCredit.

 With the new Code of Conduct and its engaging launch campaign, we have been able to reach UniCredit people in a more direct way, ensuring the most effective management of major external and internal risks, and spreading the right attitude and practices to prevent any potential misbehaviour across all our divisions and geographies. This must remain our priority every day, and I am proud to see all our colleagues embracing the right behaviours as we continue to build a better bank.


How did the Code of Conduct enable us to deliver on our Purpose: Empowering communities to progress?

The UniCredit Code of Conduct fully leverages on our Values – Integrity, Ownership and Caring – that guide decision-making, actions, and behaviours of all our people. With its proper adoption, our people are equipped to make the most positive impact for all our stakeholders and to deliver our Purpose. It is our mission to further cement it in the way we do daily business, as in this way we will ensure we stay on the right path we are forging: a path to achieve our goals and acting as an engine of social progress to become the bank for Europe’s future.