Data stands behind our improved customer service

Building a better data-driven bank

Digital & Data

As a data-driven Bank, we have been working relentlessly to make relevant data available and accessible through our Data Platform. As one of our driving forces, this platform governs 42% of all our data, and with its roll-out, we achieved one of our key 2022 goals six months in advance.


We have developed 12 customer analytics models working in tandem with AI to increase our understanding of our customers and their user experience and improve and implement automation and decision-making.

Using AI-fueled data products has a plethora of benefits to capture business value, such as: reducing the risk of financial sanctions, reducing time to process corporate balance sheet information by leveraging automation capabilities from 60 minutes to 2 minutes, improving business targeting and customer analytical capabilities and improving conversion rates on consumer finance activities thanks to digital behavioural segmentation.

We implemented Data Mesh – an innovative system to manage analytical data at scale – allowing all users to access and employ strategic data to generate insight for daily business. Furthermore, we let Data call the shots. We strengthened our data proficiency through reskilling, with over 1,000 colleagues involved in data culture events that took place throughout 2022.

Through data replenishment increasing from 20% to 42%, we generated 60% of cost synergies, equal to approximately €10 million on FY22 data portfolio initiatives. Capitalising on the solid foundation, we honed in on extracting value from customer-oriented use cases by scaling-up Data product adoption across businesses. Data is and remains the focal point of all our future developments so we can continue serving our clients with excellent service complemented by efficiency and a forward-thinking mindset.


For us, digitalisation translates into execution and requires a number of elements to be deployed together. Our target is to combine investments in technology with data integration into all areas of the Bank.

Artur Gruca
Chief Digital and Information Officer Germany