Creating an enhanced Digital experience for our retail clients

A new approach to doing business

Digital & Data

UniCredit’s transformative road towards simplification continued in 2022 with the digitalisation of Consumer Finance services for the convenience of our retail customers. UniCredit Customer Experience (UCX) is our multi-year digital transformation programme which aims to provide our customers with a unique and consistent digital experience across all devices and channels.


In Italy, the latest rollout of UCX was in Consumer Finance. We created a seamless online customer service experience across many of our channels, setting the foundations for a new approach to doing business with our clients, increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and cutting red tape. As a result, we are giving our clients the opportunity to make the most out of their digital experience for consumer lending.


Digital is at the core of our strategy, and it is also a daily need for our customers. Being close to our customers, understanding digitalisation trends, and being able to incorporate these into daily software development and service design require time and dedication from everybody in our organisation.

Luba Uram
Chief Digital and Information Officer Italy and Head of Retail Business Platform


The Digital and Data teams introduced several exciting new features for UCX Consumer Finance, including new client onboarding, reducing the number of in-branch visits, multiple phone calls and excess paperwork, by offering clients the option to sign up and activate their profiles online, identify themselves using self-authentication methods, request services and purchase banking products on their own. Further, we introduced automatic decisions investing in data analysis software and online credit policy reviews to help our customers view the status of their requests and loan approvals instantly and automatically receive updates on other consumer finance services.

Our goal is to provide our clients with ease when it comes to receiving the financing they need without added hassle, so we have reduced the amount of income documentation required to be presented during a loan application.

Lastly, we introduced faster Time-to-Yes and Time-to-Cash. Credit is at the heart of most customer relationships, and digitising part of their experience offers significant advantages. For this reason, our investments in automation and digitalisation reduced considerably the Time-to-Yes and Time-to-Cash, all while increasing the “quality of yes”.



Digitalisation is everywhere. At UniCredit, our aim is to serve our customers in the most frictionless way and be one tap away from their daily financial needs. We are committed to staying closer to our customers, offering them every possible digital touch point, and promptly responding to their financial needs on every channel.

Vedat Sozer
Head of Alternative Distribution Channels