1Q Group Results

Proud of our Progress

Record setting first quarter, delivering…

UniCredit Unlocked targets across all metrics

Purpose-led Growth for the Long Term


First section

Title 1: Russia impact absorbed while maintaining best-in-class capital position

Text 1:

  • Proactive managerial actions derisking by c. 2.0 bn; absorbed more than 70% of the extreme loss assessment capital impact in 1Q22
  • Strong organic capital generation 44 bps
  • 1Q22 CET1r 0% including 2021 1.6 bn share buy back and 0.4 bn 1Q22 dividend accrual


Title 2: Excellent 1Q22 with all businesses1 beating UniCredit Unlocked 2022 targets

Text 2:

  • Continuing 2021 quarterly advancements across all regions1 and client solutions
  • Significant organic growth in high-value added products and across all regions1
  • Critical mass and profitability above Cost of Equity in all regions1


1.Escludendo la Russia

Title 3: Confirm UniCredit Unlocked 2022-2024 guidance, assuming our base case ‘slowdown’ scenario

Text 3:

  • Confident that franchise excl. Russia will meet UniCredit Unlocked profitability targets
  • Ambition to deliver 2021-2024 distribution of at least 16 bn assuming our base case “slowdown” scenario


Second section

Title: Unlocked franchise delivering high quality growth

Columns of the table: Utile ante imposte 1Q22; Variazione (A/A); ROAC 1Q22

Text in the table:

ITALIA 1.0 mld | +14% A/A | >13%

GERMANIA 399 mln | +38% A/A | >10%

EUROPA CENTRALE 249 mln |+29% A/A | 10%

EUROPA ORIENTALE 222 mln | +46% A/A | >20%


Third section

Title: Unwavering commitment to our strategic imperatives



CLIENTS: Grow in our regions and develop our client franchise; >10% Market share in all relevant communities

PEOPLE: Change our business model and how our people operate; -2.6% Cost base YoY

ORGANISATION: Deliver economies of scale from our footprint of banks; Revenue growth YoY +9% Corporate Solutions, +5% Individual Solutions

DIGITAL & DATA: Transform our technology leveraging Digital & Data; +5% A/AActive digital users, +10% A/A Number of fully digital sales

PRINCIPLES & VALUES: Embed sustainability in all that we do; Lending in 1Q22: 2.4 bn Environmental, 1.1 bn Social. ESG investment products in 1Q22: 28 bn


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